Hope Thru Grief features co-hosts Marshall Adler & Steve Smelski discussing their journeys of grief, after losing their sons and other family members. They have changed their focus in life since their son’s deaths and have been helping others to find the support and answers they’ve been searching for. 
Expect the unexpected. Honest and transparent discussions will reveal things hidden and overlooked which are actually quite common in coping with grief. Steve and Marshall will interview people from all walks of life, sharing their journeys of loss, as well as experts on recovery and finding hope in a world that’s been changed forever. 
If you are struggling with your grief, let’s talk together about ways to find healing in your journey and make it more meaningful and life-changing. 
New Episodes every Thursday morning.


Our mission is to create a community to bring hopethrugrief. Providing healing through our first hand experiences. Each day provides us an opportunity to continue to heal, as we get to meet and help others.

Smelski Family

Smelski Family

Steve and his wife, Shelly, had an ideal life with successful careers and an 11-year old son, Jordan. A day after returning from a summer vacation spent splashing in hot springs and ziplining in Costa Rica, Jordan became ill with a severe headache. Within a few days, Jordan passed away from what the doctors discovered was a brain eating amoeba that he had contracted while on vacation. There are no words to describe parents that have lost their child and Steve and Shelly’s grief seemed insurmountable- at times even forgetting to eat. The Smelski’s have dedicated their lives to fighting the brain eating amoeba and started the Jordan Smelski Foundation in their son’s honor. They hold an annual Amoeba Summit in Orlando, FL and create training courses for doctors and lab technicians which have been instrumental in saving at least 3 children with confirmed PAM cases, so far.

Adler Family

Adler Family

Marshall is a successful lawyer practicing in Winter Park, FL but his world was flipped upside down when his son Matt died from suicide at age 32. Two days after that terrible day, Marshall’s mother also passed away. And within a few weeks of those two incidents, Marshall’s best friend of 50-years passed away, as well. To say that Marshall’s grief has been extensive is a bit of an understatement.